"I dont get along with other girls because girls are so bitchy"



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anon writing about the 8-29-15 Chicago show:

I’ve been trying to process it all day, and I still haven’t completely.

First though, we were in an extremely homophobic section. Like the row in front of us, to a couple back. The girl next to me had a “Harry, Michael Sams will…

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Homosexuality is unnatural! It says so in this book where snakes talk, people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby.

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so let me get this straight… this week Harry does his thing. He’s amazing all week… Then he publicly supports Michael Sam. And then we get a message for Liam from someone who has publicly insulted Michael Sam and then El**nor shows up. AND THEN the Rainbow Bear comes back on this exact day. I mean if this isn’t war i dont know what is…

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WATCH: Family Has Horrifying, Violent Reaction To Son's Coming Out As Gay (GRAPHIC CONTENT)


For anyone who has ever said coming out is easy in 2014, watch this. For far too many LGBTQ people, THIS is still the norm.

Now ask yourself this: if this was come one you love, how would you react?

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Anonymous asked:
Why do you think they will come out together? Harrry is the one who drops hints and showing support here.

thisiskatsblog answered:

I can’t believe i am lowering myself to address the implication that Louis is not supportive of lgbt rights or doesn’t drop hints - there is a world beside Twitter you know - here, eat a rainbow


But honestly, do you really think Harry wants to go from hiding his sexuality to hiding his boyfriend?

Uhm, no.

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'Forty-two, Master Legolas!' he cried. 'Alas! My Axe is notched: the forty-second had an iron collar on his neck. How is it with you?'

'You have passed my score by one,' answered Legolas. 'But I do not grudge you the game, so glad am I to see you on your legs!'

The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien

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okay if we’re mutuals u can

  • ask for my phone number
  • snapchat
  • instagram
  • facebook
  • skype
  • kik

this has been a psa thank u

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this is like the most depressing error message i’ve ever gotten?????????? it’s okay, tumblr????????????????? i forgive you????????????????????????????


this is like the most depressing error message i’ve ever gotten?????????? it’s okay, tumblr????????????????? i forgive you????????????????????????????



I’m not sorry


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my biggest fear isn’t dying it’s being offline when harry and louis come out

This is why some people have my number. I expect a fucking phone call people!!!!! Not even a text. I want THE CALL. 

Yep. CALL ME!!!

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Sporty chic Louis and his fancy man


When Harry dresses up and Louis dresses down I weep.



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