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so you really came out, huh?
doesn’t mean i’m gonna wear a fucking dress or anything.
nobody fucking asked you to… though you do have really nice legs.

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i’m a person who often wants physical affection but is also very uncomfortable and particular about physical contact

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List of things straight guys have ruined:
》lesbian porn
》my little pony

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imagine having over 40 tattoos but an entirely blank arm

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Only in the One Direction fandom is a gay rumor a plausible reason for kicking your best friend out of your home so he can go live in the attic of his other friends. Okay. 

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i love how innocent we all look but in reality we read gay smut all day 

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And the silence will fall.

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this is what it’s like being at school way later than usual

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E.T., what about E.T.?

That moment when Jeremy realises he’s in his 40’s.


Me reblogging this is my contribution to earth day

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Happy Earth Day!